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Super smart brands make decisions based on truths, not just gut feel.

Actionable, insightful and fast research made super simple and affordable.
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Insight Solutions

The truth is out there. Our mission is to help businesses make smarter decisions through data, insight and consumer understanding. We are driven to make quality research and insights accessible to all.

The 4 pillars of Truth-Serum that set us apart.

  • Our Approach - Creative Brand Thinking
  • Our Approach - Fast and Focused
  • Our Approach - Engaging Customers
  • Our Approach - Cost Effective

Our Most Popular Research and Insights Products

Advertising Evaluator

Understand how effective your advertising campaigns are by measuring the change in brand KPI’s.

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Creative Optimiser

Find out how relevant, distinctive and motivating your creative concepts are with your target audience.

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Idea Validator

How appealing and distinctive is your new product concept, and how likely is your target audience is to purchase.

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Brand Positioning Evaluator

Which messages are most motivating and relevant to your brand's audience?

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Creative Brief Booster

Ensure your creative brief is based on real truths about your consumer, brand and category

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Customer Experience Research

Understand how happy your customers are with your service or products.

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